Modern Easter egg paper craft with free template / PaperShape #eastereggs #easter #papercraft #diy

DIY bunny from paper with cute lashes

I am sure you are already aware of this trend:

Unicorn lashes.

I decided to stick them this time not to a unicorn or the wall. I made a bunny out of paper eggs as Easter decoration. If you want you may also use it as a Easter gift box and fill it's belly with sweet candies. In any ways - they are super adorable and a must-craft for Easter.

How to diy a paper bunny with cute sleeping lashes?

Easter egg paper craft with free template / PaperShape #eastereggs #easter #papercraft #diy

You may use these sweetie bunnys as Easer gift boxes. Just fill the bottom with lametta in order to close the paper egg.

DIY paper bunny with cute lashes / PaperShape #eastereggs #easter #papercraft #diy
Super cute diy bunnys with lashes (free template) / PaperShape #eastereggs #easter #papercraft #diy

Cute sleeping bunnies with lashes: that's how you make them!

Materials needed

  • 2 cardstock paper uni or with pattern (8.5in x 11in) (weight: 65lb-110lb / 176gsm-300gsm)
  • Glue or double-sided tape
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Bonefolder / awl / ball pen refill etc.
  • Cutting mat
  • Sweets for filling
Step: Download template

1. Print the paper egg template (US letter) on paper of your choice.

Step: Cutting

2. Cut out the paper parts (A, B, C, ...) by cutting along the solid lines of the Easter egg template.

Step: Folding

3. Place a ruler on the dotted lines and mark the folds by pressing down hard and running a bonefolder or an awl along the lines. The detailed steps how to craft the easter egg you will find in this tutorial here.

Step: Folding paper parts

4. On page 2 you'll find the template for the unicorn lashes and the bunny ears. I placed more ears and lashes on this page in order to save paper.

Step: stick paper parts together

5. I would recommend to cut out the lashes with a cutter or to just draw them on the paper egg. Cut out the ears, too.

Step: stick paper parts together

6. Stick the unicorn lashes with glue on the paper egg. I would spare one square in betweeen of the lashes.

Step: stick paper parts together

7. Finally fold the small part of the ear (dottled lines) and stick them to the egg - ready!

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